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But, I shan't stay ;n;

I'm updating this to let my followers know that I haven't died or anything but here's the scoop:

My laptop broke, it's super old and the computer tech I use hasn't gotten the time to work with mine right now. That laptop is where I usually check dA and edit/upload my pictures, so a small part of my soul has been ripped from me. Aaand I have my Skype on that thing, and it's the only computer I use with a webcam...o.o'

I'm on my home computer now...avoiding my family because since this is a holiday, I *have* to spend time with them (well, my close family isn't so bad, I just avoid my nephew at all costs. Hehe.)

Also, I haven't been doing much here due to school; I know many of you are groaning inwardly because you feel my pain!

^Excuses aside, I am a very apologetic Baku for ignoring my clients--erm, dA people :3
  • Mood: Hungry
  • Listening to: Night Walker--Len Kagamine
  • Reading: My history report
  • Watching: Star Trek TOS, Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukonai
  • Playing: Yu-Gi-Oh! Destiny Board Traveler
  • Eating: Ribs, Casseroles and more yummies
  • Drinking: Cherry vanilla Dr. Pepper~


M0n0chr0m3Baku's Profile Picture
United States
To those of you who favorite my photos: THANK YOU! You are my source of DeviantArt happiness and I appreciate all of the support! *le hugs*
For those of you who send stamps, etc.: THANKS! Even though I have no clue as to what they're for, I'm glad you thought of me :iconcuterinplz:

Ohayou, Konnichiwa, or Konbanwa!
I'm Morgan, but please call me M0-chan! :3

I live in a monochrome world, known as reality, and somewhere in this monochrome reality I take pictures of my Nendoroids! (Whom I love to death~!) I sometimes go in character of Monochrome Baku Len's a blessing and a curse hehe

I'm learning the Japanese language, I'm fare at it (mainly basic phrases...^^'')

I am taking drawing lessons since my artistic skills are VERY laking, but for now, I'll post pictures of my 16 (15 until I find Light...) Nendoroids! I hope you enjoy them <3

Other than the love of Nendoroids, I love Vocaloid and nearly all of the songs of Rin/Len Kagamine! I also watch anime, troll about on Tumblr <even though I don't have an account>, write, cosplay when I can, train with my horse, and draw when I have the time away from other hobbies.

I also game--nothing too hardcore though. I enjoy kiddish games like Pokemon (I've been playing since I was three years old), Mario (probably about as long as Pokemon ^^'')
I love Assassin's Creed, but I rarely play since I don't have the proper gaming systems (but my brother does!)

I hate zombies...just thought you'd like to know...>.>

Thank you so much for checking out my page. Feel free to check out my gallery, but if you want to see some real talent, check out my followers/friends; have a nice day, sayornora!

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Chaotic-Chantel Mar 25, 2014  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the watch!! Miku and Luka (Brofist) [V1]Orange - Rin Kagamine 
thanks for the faveHatsune Miku-06 (Smile) 
Myrisakura Jan 31, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
thank you for the fav! :iconcuterinplz:
Nothing to it; your MMD edits are wonderful :iconcutelenplz:
Myrisakura Feb 3, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Thank! I don't edit the pictures so much. It just some simple edits I add for make them look wondeful.

:iconpervytetoplz: ^^'
Ty so much for the watch!! Hatsune-Miku-(Winks) [Music Girl] 02 
Not a problem! Sorry for slow reply! :iconcutelenplz:
No problem! :D (Big Grin) 
Myrisakura Nov 16, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Thank you for the fav! It's mean a lot for me!

and I found an another fan of Vocaloid! Yeah!
Not a problem! Where did you get your Daughter of Evil model? She's adorable! *Q*
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